I am a passionate wildlife conservation biologist originally from South Korea. I immigrated to Canada when I was only 15, and lived there for almost 15 years. I am interested in primatology (especially behaviour), herpetology (taxonomy, morphology, and systematics), phylogenetics (trees and networks), and conservation genetics. I studied zoology and ecology and evolutionary biology (EEB) in University of Toronto for BSc, and EEB for MSc at the same institution. Following my passion, I volunteered and worked at the Royal Ontario Museum researching at the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Biology for several years, which was extremely valuable. I also volunteered and worked in  the laboratories at University of Toronto, and Ewha Women’s University in Seoul. Here you can check out my brief CV for further information.

Beside science, I have broad interests. (1) I am crazy about backpacking and outdoor adventures.  I travel whenever possible and have visited major cities in Canada; crossed United States of America by Amtrak train and visited 23 states. I biked China from Shandong province to Guangdong province, and backpacked most of the Southeast Asian countries. I hiked in Nepal, Sagarmatha National Park up to the Everest Base Camp (EBC). I take photos during my travels, and have a collection of images. I like to write a postcard, and if you like my photo leave a comment I will be happy to write you. (2) I am also in love with music, genre is not limited but I like to listen 20-30s jazz and blues. I started to playing guitar since I was a teenager. I wrote some songs and I once was a leader of a punk rock band. I still play sometimes. (3) I occasionally play football. I used to play almost everyday, but it is not easy to find an opportunity in a new city. I would love to watch football regardless of any league. I am a Suwon Bluewings supporter.

From November 2015, I am travelling in Asia. It has been almost 9 months so far, and I see the end coming soon. I will be working as a researcher at Laboratory of microbiology at Konkuk University Hospital, Seoul, South Korea from September,2016.